Brown Cavendish

The pipe tobacco How to make part 2


- Ironing Tobacco


We will start preparing prasy.Sprawdzamy that all sides are neatly twisted, will cut the parchment to the size of the base, then we combine the base with sides.

prasa do tytoniu fajkowego

Fill in all the prepared tobacco, trying to lay out everything as evenly. If ironed more than one type of leaf is between each layer we thin spacer, np. properly cut a piece of plywood or other tworzywa.Nie forget the parchment which give the top and bottom of every single warstwy.Różnica leaf volume before and after compression is about 8-10 : 1 , that is, if the newspaper has a height 8-10 cm and is filled with full leaves, get it after compression plate thickness of about 1 cm.





After filling the press we put “piston” and all turn.





Screw you really hard, the harder the lepiej.Płyn which wrung out and wipe the contents of the press we put in there in a warm place for a few dni.Moim view 3-4 days are the optimal time, then there may be a risk of electric pleśnią.Od time to time you can try to tighten the clamps. If we fermentor then set the temperature to 50C and we can keep the list in the press and even a few weeks. This will affect much on the end result. (in this case need to isolate the leaves do not make contact with the wood) .

-Treatment pressed leaves

After about 3-4 days should get compacted blocks or plates, as in the pictures below:

tytoń fajkowy

If we used previously fermented tobacco, simply removed labels wrap in aluminum foil and place in the oven for about 4-6 hours at 50C. All lightly a dried-up, and the smell of alcohol contained in the aroma odparuje.Tytoń is practically ready to cut and smoking.

If we used the leaves do not fermented, it simply been removed from the press put the plastic bag and fermentujmy only a few dni.Dokładnie as well as tobacco papierosowy.Jak long it depends on the thickness of the plate, my eye plate with a thickness of 1 cm should ferment 5-10 dni.Pamiętajmy to maintain the relative humidity to our product przesuszyć.Najlepszym no way to verify whether the tobacco is ready, will cut off a piece of plate and try our product.

brown cavendish

- Cutting and storage

Now that our tobacco is almost ready, smells sweet, vanilla-chocolate, there is nothing like it cut into thin strips paski.Wkładamy between his hands and rubbing, rozdrabniamy.





Freshly shredded tobacco has little to dry up, it is good to spread it on the paper and leave at room temperature for a few godzin.Odpowiednią humidity must identify themselves.

As for the storage of our product, We can cut the whole plate and crushed, podsuszony tobacco stick in a sealed jar or tin. The ultimate moisture content of the product will be in the range 15-18%. Cans keep in a dark place at room temperature so that our tobacco slowly wearing dojrzewał.W initial phase to check if there is no condensation of water (too moist tobacco can mold), if we see water droplets on the walls or cover, need as soon as possible tobacco dosuszyć.

In the same way, we can also store whole blocks of tobacco.

Let us remember that tobacco is like wine, the longer it will be better poleży…


The case looks complicated, However, once you do your first time, good pipe tobacco, This ensures that you will return to this subject very often, already with their own insights and gradually acquired doświadczeniem.Z my part I wish you good luck and most of all patience.




przechowywanie tytoniu 1

Storing Tobacco

Storing Tobacco

Unfortunately I was not able to add posts for some time ,I apologize for that, finally got some time so I will explain what and how the storage of tobacco.

przechowywanie tytoniu 1

First, some general theory:

Tobacco that took full flavor Continue reading

fermentacja tytoniu 4

Fermentation of Tobacco homemade.


Today, I will describe a simple way to fermentation of tobacco leaves home. I use this method and always works,all you need is a little knowledge and a bit of good will and of patience ...

First a little theory so we know what we're dealing.
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suszenie colour curring

Drying Tobacco Leaves (Air Curring)

We warmly welcome all and invite you to read the following entry, which will help you wade through a complex process of drying and then fermenting tobacco leaves.


suszenie liści tytoniu
Drying the tobacco leaf (z ang. Colour Curing) requires us first of all cierpliwości.Samo only drying (depending on the method) takes from several days to several weeks, but I assure you that it is worth to wait, would later be able to enjoy the full aroma and flavor of our growing tobacco.

I do not recommend and even categorically advise against rapid drying tobacco leaves in ovens or microwave ovens!Even after the subsequent fermentation flavor will be far from intentional.

First, some theory of the Internet:

There are four main methods of drying:

Air drying (Air-Curing)
Air-cured tobacco, np. Burley, hung in unheated and well-ventilated shelters, to-dry naturally until, when the leaves change color to light brown or brown. At the end of the process leaves no longer include sugar.

Drying dip-tube (Flue cure)
It consists of a fairly rapid drying of leaves,at the moment when he changed color to yellow / yellow-orange, but not brown. Heat is supplied to the dryer by means of pipes located on the outside of the furnace. It is like a central heating system in blocks. In a controlled drying process of tobacco does not significantly alter the color. The leaves remained high sugar content. In this way dried variety in Virginia.

Drying in the sun (Sun-Curing)
Leaves mostly threaded on wires or cords and exposed to the sun for a period of 12 do 30 days. The direct impact of solar heat perpetuates the leaf color from yellow to brown and makes, the sugar content significantly decreases. Oriental tobacco is the most famous family of tobacco dried in the sun.

Drying in smoke (Fire-Curing)
Based on the same principle as the production of smoked ham. Smoke used in the drying comes from deciduous trees (best fruit). Leaves, dries, take the smell of smoked. This method of drying is used to compound on pipe or cigar.


Below one of the ways of drying which I use and works well.

Remember to wear gloves when collecting and cleaning the leaves!Contain a large amount of nicotine that is readily absorbed through the skin and can lead to poisoning of the body!

Thus, after breaking the leaves need to be cleaned of all kinds of dirt, from the sands by the dead insects after bird kupy.Ja to use a soft brush and just gently and thoroughly sweeps everything that przylepiło.Można also gently rinse the leaves under running cold water if you are very zabrudzone.Zabiera some time but because they do not cultivate tobacco on an industrial scale it is worth it to have to take care for themselves spotlessly clean burning.

Purification, the easiest way is threading leaves on a soft rope or wire which then stretch the string to pranie.Robię gap between the leaves of some 2-3 cm for the free flow of air,and making sure that does not touch the walls or other objects.

I hang it all in a cool,dark and sheltered from the rain the place of air humidity 60-80% np. garage or spiżarnia.Można course dried tobacco on zewnątrz.Wrzesień is the perfect month, days and nights are cooler increases humidity powietrza.Pamiętać only be on guard against rain.

suszenie liści


Too low humidity - dry leaves green,too high humidity will cause the appearance of mold.


Checking all from time to time whether there is mold,if you need to remove infested leaves and the rest move in place of lower wilgotności.Pleśń spreads quickly and if you do not remove infected leaves drying process is finished - compost.

Soon the leaves begin to change color, eg: Virginia from lemon to the mahogany,varieties for cigar with a green color usually pass in a brown,However, this is not the rule and it all depends on the variety and the conditions in which we dry.

colour curring

After a dozen or so days, when our full list will change color from green ,will take on a light fragrance Tobacco,will be dry and twisted, Main vein will click at the break then we considered the drying process completed.




Some proven tips on drying:

  • What to do when the leaves dry out too quickly?

If you do not have the right conditions and we have to carry out drying, eg. in the apartment where the humidity is low, or if we see that the leaves dry up the green, just download them to each other and from the top put a plastic bag or plastic bag like in the picture.


Bag-fetched at all and the back is left open for circulation powietrza.Zatrzymamy in this way too fast evaporation of water from leaves.

From time to time we check whether there is mold and if the process of color change occurs prawidłowo.Gdy we see that all the leaves have changed color and there is no green, You can remove the foil and let the leaves doschnąć.


  • What to do when the leaves dry out too quickly, are green, brittle?

Green leaves contain chlorophyll undecomposed, smoking their is nothing przyjemnym.Jest several options to the list, save.

  • If only part of the leaf is green, say up to 20%, there is nothing to worry about because fermentation turns dark brown and you will be fine.
  • If we are about 50% green and dry as pepper leaf, will need to use a closable plastic container or box, at the bottom put a damp towel and put the towel on them so liście.Zostawiamy 24 hours to absorbed moisture. Spraying water can not be staggering effect because the water has drained from the leaves and in places where water droplets stop immediately bind up the mold.
    When the leaves are already wet, not put on the clear plastic as in the picture above, and set straight into the sun.
    At night again put in the container for several days ręcznikiem.Tak until the leaves change color and be suitable for fermentation.
  • If our list entirely dried up the green, we can throw ourselves,processed into compost,or ... if we do cigars, used as a wrapper, As in the case of cigars "Candela"




Summing,drying is not as simple as it might wydawać.Kolejny again we see that the cultivation of tobacco is a challenging and time-consuming, However, this gives the charm of the whole process.

In the next post I will describe the different drying method that can be performed in the comfort of your home, much shorter, gives great results but a little more complicated.